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The Dordogne Périgord is one of the largest and most picturesque counties in France, as well as being one of the most prolific in terms of its number of listed historic buildings.

The Dordogne Périgord is divided into four colours which highlight the diversity of its landscapes: Périgord Vert (Green Périgord), Périgord Blanc (White Périgord), Périgord Pourpre (Purple Périgord) and Périgord Noir (Black Périgord)

The Black Périgord (‘black’ as in the thick oak and chestnut forests) is one of the most attractive parts of the Dordogne. This area, renowned for its gastronomic traditions, relaxed way of life and internationally renowned cultural sights, is the perfect destination for a short break or longer holiday.

The Houses "Grande and Petite Chassagne" are located in St.Amand de Coly, in the heart of the Black Périgord and near to the Périgord’s most beautiful sites (Sarlat, Lascaux, Les Eyzies, the Dordogne Valley) between Montignac and Sarlat on the D64.

Point GPS: Latitude: 45.061313, Longitude: 1.280078 


Here you will discover unspoilt nature, grandiose landscapes and a plethora of magical sights teeming with history:

The prehistoric deposits and caves in the Vezère valley, which bear witness to the presence of man in the Dordogne for the past 450,000 years; castles from the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods ; medieval villages full of character ; Romanesque churches adorned with sculpted tympanums; water mills in the romantic landscapes; and renowned "towns of art and history" such as Sarlat.
Whatever the time of year, choosing to visit and return to the Dordogne is not just a journey back in time in the footsteps of our ancestors, it is also an opportunity to meet our friendly inhabitants and to enjoy a relaxing holiday and wonderful cuisine in quiet, authentic and unspoilt natural surroundings.

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